Complete Services Directory "Service Description" in metadata?

11-07-2022 05:37 PM
by Anonymous User
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How can I populate the Service Description for the ArcGIS Rest Services Directory? When I examine my own content (with item description filled out) and Living Atlas content, the "service Description" is empty in the Services Directory, e.g., 


Are there any resources on populating metadata for ArcGIS Rest Services Directories, would appreciate a guiding light. 

Cheers, Nina Cehak

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In my case, the description is first entered before I publish the service in ArcGIS Pro. Once I entered the description in ArcGIS Pro the description appears after I publish it in the REST service. Do you follow the same workflow?

by Anonymous User
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Hi @LefterisKoumis  thanks for the reply!

I'm starting to think that "service description" is not a field to be filled out, but a header for the hyperlink to "All layers and tables" - can someone please confirm?

I follow the same workflow - editing metadata and publishing from ArcGIS Pro. To be specific, I populate here when i edit metadata: 



and here when i publish/share:



and alas, "service description" is empty





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