Collopse contours or delete common

02-17-2014 02:36 AM
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I try to build a contour relief map from SRTM data.
I have used:
Spatial Analist -> Surface -> Contour  to get contour of relief with 2 meters distance
Cartography Tools -> Smooth line   with smoothing algorithm PAEK and smoothing tolerance 1000meters

Now i get this map:
And i have a question - If there is any way to collapse my data by values...the contour in red have value 4, and inside of it are a lot contours with number can i delete them correctly?
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You are trying to contour 30m data at 2m intervals. This is a bad idea. You are trying to extract data / information that is not there.

That said, you could add a field and calculate the length of each line, and then set a definition query that removes lines below a reasonable length.
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Yes, i did in the same way after. Thank you for yr answer)
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