Collaboration to Collaboration between 2 Portal problem

03-17-2017 03:47 AM
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I'am currently trying to test Collaboration to Collaboration between 2 Portal installed in 2 Linux (redhat 7.2) VM on the same network.

I understand that each Portal need to be trust between them. I Configure both portals to trust certificates each other in like :

After my collaboration in Edit Setting of each portal looks good (with invit file and response file) except in my Guest Portal invitation status, it's still pending (i don't have any notifications in my host portal..) 


Any ideas about this ?

Here there is my log of my portal

My environement is set with self signed certificates.

Thanks for any helps !

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My mistake... I forgot to put my FQDN <HOSTNAME.DOMAINE.COM> when I generate my Certificates in the (CN) parameter.

It works now !

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