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Collaboration between internal ArcGIS Portal and external ArcGIS Online?

06-25-2020 06:47 AM
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My organisation has an internal federated ArcGIS Portal with an SDE repository where content is accessed, along with a publicly accessible ArcGIS Online deployment.

We want to create a process to sync our internal Portal content with ArcGIS Online so members of the public are able to consume it.

I have set up a collaboration group between Portal and ArcGIS Online where content is sent from Portal via reference to ArcGIS Online - I may have answered my own question but in this setup, would only copies of content be available on ArcGIS Online, and not references to content? What would the best practice approach be to share internal content to the public?


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Esri Contributor

Hello Phillip,

Have you reviewed this documentation before?:

Share content with collaboration groups—Portal for ArcGIS (10.8) | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterpri... 

This may help explain how to share content between the collaboration and how to share content either as a copy or referenced. 

Hope this helps!

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