Choosing a Projected Coordinate System for Brazil

08-06-2012 09:41 AM
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Can anyone recommend a projected coordinate system for Brazil?

I am using WGS 1984 maps and want to run the Tabulate Intersection function in each of Brazil's 27 states (an area calculation between one feature class and one with 1km2 grid squares). Conserving the area is going to play an important factor so I was not if I could use something such as a Continental State system like the South America Albers Equal Area Conic. The other option I have considered was using UTM zones but Brazil lies within seven.

I am pretty new to GIS so wanted to ask for some advice. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jayce!

I have the same problem. When working with Landsat images I do have two wgs 84 utm projections. zone 21 & 22. The projection doen't fit together and I am looking for another projection.
How did you manage your problem? Did you find a solution?

Thank you in advance!
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Hi Jayce,

I'm sorry that I didn't respond sooner. You could use the South America Albers coordinate system or customize an Albers-based system for Brazil. The density of vertices is what's important. You don't want any long, two-point arcs (lines) as they won't be accurately represented when reprojected.

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