Changing URLS for layers in Portal in bulk

01-29-2016 02:33 PM
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We have loaded a bunch of layers into our Portal site.  Unfortunately we loaded them with an http url, and need to modify these urls (for each layer/service) to be https. 

The idea of going through and editing each layer in Portal does not appeal - wondering if there is a quick way to do this?  Every layer is on the same server, so the primary part of the url can be changed with a simple Find and Replace kind of operation, if only there is a place to access the configuration for these. 

Thanks -

Allen Scully

GISP, City of Tucson AZ

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I came across this help doc: Example: Update the URL of a service in a web map—Portal for ArcGIS (10.3 and 10.3.1) | ArcGIS for S...

You may be able to use it as a starting point and substitute and/or add iterative function(s) to complete the batch process that you're envisioning.


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Thanks Seth -

I'll be exploring this this week.  I'll check back in with progress and any additional insight -


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Thanks - the ago-assistant is pretty helpful with no real learning curve.  It still requires some manual changing of urls for my specific case (updating URLS for feature layers loaded into our Portal site), but is so much quicker because you can do it all from a single webpage (whereas in Portal or AGOL you have to navigate to edit properties for each individual layer).

The tool still seems hard to use for URLS in existing webmaps - looks like you have to be logged in as the owner of whatever specific map you want to modify.  Even our admin accounts can't seem to access those settings.  I may be missing something though.  Still exploring the tool.

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Hi Allen,

Another suggestion to try are the "Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online" by GEO-Job.

It looks like the version for ArcGIS Online is free, but the version for Portal for ArcGIS is not. But based on their functionality matrix, it does have the functionality you are looking for,

Admin Tools New - Geo Jobe

Hope this helps,

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I can personally testify that this application is worth every penny.  the tool i use most frequently lets you crawl your portal and change all references to a web service from one URL to another.  It's been a great way to silently migrate our server environment without a glitch in end user experience.