Changing the text alignment in an annotation

08-02-2013 04:25 PM
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I've got a set of annotations - in the map, not in a geodatabase - that I'd like to display with different text algnments for different sections of the text.
Here's the text from one of the annotation tags.  This is the top text, which I want to be center-aligned to the background box:

   <BOL>Salmon River Complex ~ FRA</BOL>
   5% Containment
   1,600 Acres

And this is the text that follows.  I want this section to be left-aligned to the background box, and maybe left-indented a few spaces, too:

   <FNT name ="Arial" size="6"> Shelly Fire ~ unknown acres - unknown containment </FNT>
   <FNT name ="Arial" size="6"> Boulder Fire ~ unknown acres - unknown containment </FNT>
   <FNT name ="Arial" size="6"> Kanka Fire ~ 3 Acres  - 100% Containment</FNT>
   <FNT name ="Arial" size="6"> Crooks Fire ~ 0.5 Acres -  - 100% Containment</FNT>
   <FNT name ="Arial" size="6"> Jackass Fire ~ 0.5  Acres - 100% Containment </FNT>

What are the XML tags I need to break this tag into 2 sections of text with different alignments?
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