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11-16-2011 07:32 AM
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When I want to change the map title in Arc10 I can no longer just double click the title's text to change it.  I have to go to the map document properties to change the title.  Is this the only way to change the map's title in Arc10, or am I missing something?
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I think you are missing something, as any time I have used the method you described, I am able to edit the text box and change what the title says.  I assume you are using the method INSERT --> TITLE.  This should pop up with a box to allow you to type in what your title is, or if you have entered one in the map document properties, automatically populate that initially.  After that, its a simple double click (or right click, properties) to bring up the properties window.  Then under the text tab, and the space below where it says text, you just enter in whatever title you want.

I use data driven pages sometimes, so there might be some coding in that area, that I just clear it out as I generally don't want it.  You might also want to change in document properties though, just to be safe.  To change the appearance of the title, you have to click on CHANGE SYMBOL.  Don't know why they just don't enable you to do it from this menu, but oh well, it is what it is.

You could also just use a regular text box and do the same thing as well.  Hope this helps.
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I had the same reaction to the new dynamic title in that it was kind of silly to have a dynamic text string for a simple title.

I see now you can just delete the dynamic text code and write whatever you like as a title. It is slightly more work than the old method of Insert>Title and then just typing over 'Title'.

My workaround was to just add a text box instead of the Title and I'll probably just keep doing it that way. I question why the dynamic title is not under Insert>Dynamic Text> and why the old-school title wasn't left alone.
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At version 10.1 the pop up box to enter a title will be back. This box automatically populates the title in the Map Document Properties that then works in conjunction with the title dynamic text. 

10.1 Beta 2 is available with this functionality now.  If you go to and join the beta program you can download it and try it out.
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