Cannot import WMTS into Entreprise portal

10-28-2020 09:24 AM
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Hi everyone,

We are trying to get this WMTS to work in our enterprise environment:

We get an error when we add it as a layer in portal for arcgis (it cannot add the service as it does not seem to recognize the URL) . It works fine in open AGOL, ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

We tried the following:

- Updating the proxy hosts Security>Config>Update Security Configuration

- Trying to add the WMTS as a basemap in portal

- As we are in a very strict IT infrastructure we gave our IT department the URLs we need to access for mapping: everything is ok on their side

- we added from trusted servers in the portal but it didn't work either

- we queried the following url: https://webadaptor.domain/portal/sharing/checkURL.jsp?url= We got the following results:

{"secured": false,


"httpStatusMessage": "HTTP/1.1 200 ok",

"httpResponse":" ",



Did some of you got a similar issue? I still think that there is an issue with the allowProxyHost in the portal configuration but I am not sure how to solve it.

Thanks for your help!



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Hi Mélanie,

Can you check the browser Network tab when that error occurs? There is likely a request being sent to the WMTS server or to Portal silently that is returning an error.

I was able to add the service to a web map in my Portal 10.7.1 environment just fine, I used the URL below.

If you can share the error or URL that is failing, I may have some other ideas.

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Hi Sam,

I'm working with Melanie on this issue. 

One thing is fixed : we had a problem of recognition of the Sectigo certificate used by th service on the Portal hosted server. The link wasn't secure.

We can reach this URL : and read the content of the service

But we still don't reach the service on our Portal.

And I don't understand why.

Best regards.


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Hi Nicolas / Melanie,


Did you manage to fix this issue? I'm having the same issue wih one of the external WMS/WMTS services we need to consume in out Portal.

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I'm having the same issue for my ArcGIS Enterprises 10.8.1, I was able to add WMTS a few years ago (maybe prior 10.8.1 version) but not lately.  It worked fine on ArcGIS Online and in ArcCatalog.  I got the following error when I tried to add WMTS to my Portal, "The WMTS service, https://xxxxxxx/wmts, can't be added to the map. It's either not available or you have entered an invalid URL for the type of layer you want to reference."

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Hi Pei-San Tsai,

Did you find a solution to this?

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No, I still can't add WMTS in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 & 10.9.1 version. 

I had been adding the WMTS on my ArcGIS Online account and then using ArcGIS Online Assistant to copy the item to my ArcGIS Enterprise.  This is the temporary solution for me to get it work. 

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This is what I got from support and worked for us.


Thank you for your time on the screen share a short time ago. Just to summarise what steps we took:

  • Added to the allowedProxyhosts setting in Portaladmin.
  • Imported the root and intermediary SSL certificates to your HA Portal, which translated across to your standby machine. Paste the WMTS feed in a browser tab. Go to certificates and expot both root and intermediate. Then importa both using Portal Admin. Since it' a HA Portal, we need go to the portal admin (1) restapi of one machine involved to import the certificates. Once both certificates are imported in one of the machines then HA replicates the config to the other machine. 
  • Restarted both Portals within your environment.
  • This resulted in the successful addition of the WMTS service you were attempting to use.
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I have root and intermediate SSL certificate imported in my portal admin years ago.  I added "allowedProxyHosts": "" in portaladmin/security/config this morning and restarted the Portal, it's still not working for me.  I did your input as "," is "maps" what I'm missing and that's why it wasn't working for me?

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Are you sure those certificates haven't expired, since you imported them years ago?

In had an issue with adding this WMTS to Portal:

I solved it by pasting this url in the browser. Then I noticed that my company uses a proxy certificate. I downloaded the certificate from the browser and uploaded that certificate to portal. 

Portal then restarts and my issue was resolved.... Until a year later when this certificate was expired and I had to dig real deep in my memory to remember that this was the way to resolve it.

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