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Can we manage versions in Portal with Web ApplBuilder and Smart Editor

06-23-2021 11:29 AM
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Hello everyone,

Configuration: sde branch versioning

I am able to switch sde versions when pointing to a Portal  Web layer  or a Portal Web Map using ArcGIS Pro. I am following this video and it works:

Editing and Administration with Branch Versioning – It’s Showtime! (


My question now is how can I do the same thing with Portal Web AppBuilder and Smart Editor. Is there a way to manage sde versions.  Or should I create a web version in SDE and all the web editor digitize in this version, and then I do the post and reconcile in ArcGIS Pro or in a batch job. 

Please advise.



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Hi Jose,

Greetings for the day!!

Did u find any solution for the above question?? IF you find any workaround kindly post here. It would be highly appreciated.




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