Can't Enable Web map for Offline Use in Portal for ArcGIS

08-24-2021 11:09 AM
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I'm trying to prepare offline web map for collector using Portal for ArcGIS 10.7.1 

All requirements for offline feature layer are completed. And I cannot see the offline option for web map. 

But if I use ArcGIS Online and add prepared layer in the web map, I'm able to see offline option for web map. 

What am I missing in the Portal for ArcGIS? or if there are any configuration during installation?

thank you.

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My environment:  Enterprise 10.8.1 full stack.

1st: Recommend take-your-web-maps-offline-field-maps.pdf 

2nd: Recommend map-viewer-beta-available-in-arcgis-enterprise 

3rd: Deploy the Field Maps Web interface to your ArcGIS Enterprise.

As you'll see in ref (1), you'll need map viewer (BETA) and Field Maps Web App in your Enterprise to properly prepare and check maps for the Field Maps mobile app.  Not sure if you can use Map Viewer BETA in Enterprise 10.7.1.

The most important things we've learned so far:

1. Ensure your basemaps are export ready.  Search ArcGIS Esri content using the term (for Export) to find basemaps that'll work now or create your own.

2.  Ensure the basemap, reference and editable layers in your Field Maps Map are in the same Spatial Reference System (SRS).

3.  Ensure the basemap, editable layers and your map are shared exactly the same.

4.  Inconsistent behavior in my environment with pre constructed map areas.  We deleted all pre constructed areas and let the end user of the Field Maps mobile app create their own.

5.  MOST IMPORTANT:  make sure your Field Maps mobile app users turn on logging and know how to get those logs to you.  Invaluable in troubleshooting and helping Esri tech support help you.

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Hi Todd, 

Thanks for your comments.

In Enterprise 10.7.1 doesn't have MapViewer Betta. 

And basemap and editable layer and it's configuration looks fine. that's why its available to download in AGOL. 

Thanks again.


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Hi @batkaj

I just wanted to add onto @Todd_Metzler 's comments.

FYI, since you mentioned you're using ArcGIS Collector, please use this Take Your Web Maps Offline guide (for Collector).

Please verify you've met all the data requirements to take data offline for Collector,
Prepare for offline data collection 

and also ensure the feature layer settings in Portal are set,
Enable the layers and map for offline use

Hope this helps

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hi @DerekLaw , 

I've just finished to check all requirements that you advised. 

All looks fine. 

I'm using one service for "AGOL" and "Portal for ArcGIS".

If the data/feature layer didn't meet requirement, then in AGOL shouldn't enable offline menu. right?


If there are any license requirement in Portal?


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Hi @batkaj,

If there are any license requirement in Portal?

There is no special licensing requirement to enable offline maps in an enterprise portal. 

I've just finished to check all requirements that you advised. ... All looks fine. 

I suggest you contact Esri Tech Support and they can help you investigate further.

Hope this helps,

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