Can't Edit Items In Portal, but Can Edit in Pro

01-04-2023 10:56 AM
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I have created a data store and can edit data in ArcGIS Pro. The data will update on the web map. I cannot edit the data from the web map or in the field maps app. I am logged in as the same user in all three locations. When I view the data store in the My Content tab and go to settings, there is no check box to allow edits. I know its probably small thing to make it work, but I can't figure out where to change the setting. 

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In ArcGIS Pro, are you connecting directly to the Data Store, or are you connecting to it through the service endpoint?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Its listed as a Feature Service Feature Class in the source and is using the portal address as the URL

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Go to the layer item details page in Portal for ArcGIS. Is it listed as Feature Layer (hosted)?

What is the data source for the layer in ArcGIS Pro? Is it the service or a database?

From the description you have provided, it sounds like you have registered a feature class in a database as a data store location and published it as a referenced feature service. The service is managed in ArcGIS Server and may not provide editing capabilities. Updates to the source data (in the database) would show in the service.

The alternative is to publish a Hosted Feature Layer. This means the data is copied to the ArcGIS Data Store. It's managed through Portal for ArcGIS. Updates to the original data source in the file/enterprise geodatabase are not shown in the service as it's copied.

If this is not the case, please share as much information as possible, or reach out to your organization's administrator who may be able to help. 

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Check the url you are using and see if it has .../manager/....  If so take that part out of the URL when adding. 

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