Can I Display Scale In A Portal for ArcGIS Web App?

09-19-2019 10:12 AM
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I have created a few web applications for general staff to use through our Portal for ArcGIS.  So far it works very well.  However, an issue I can see that will cause users to hesitate to use the application is when they want to print a map (i.e. create a JPG or PDF for sharing to external parties).

When one creates a JPG or PDF using the Portal print services one either has the option of letting it default to whatever scale the current scale of the map is in (which isn't desirable because no one wants to see 1:71,396.002439 in their legend).  However, there is an option to force the scale too, which does work...but in order for a user to get it right quickly they currently have to reset the scale 2-3 times before they get it right, and this creates an issue for staff (i.e. time).

What would be ideal is being able to see the current scale in the web app itself, and the user can then centre their map and then round the scale up or down to make it a number that makes sense (i.e. 1:50,000), and then create their PDF.

Being able to quickly determine the scale within the web app would be perfect.  The question is, "can this be achieved?".

So far all I have been able to do is add a scale bar and coordinates to my web apps, which although looks nice, doesn't really solve this issue.  The scale does show up nicely in the printed map though :-).


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