Can an ArcGIS for Server Service be viewed in a web browser?

09-21-2015 07:31 AM
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I am trying to find the most direct way to make a service published to ArcGIS for Server be made available to people in our organization who do not have the Arcmap desktop application installed.We can not use ArcGIS Online - not permitted to upload our data to a cloud server.

  1. Can you simply view a service through a web browser along with some functionality such as identify and html po-up?
  2. Portal extension seems to be best choice (we are running ArcGIS for Server 1.3.1) - can the non-arcmap desktop person access the service without an application being needed or does an app need to be built in Web AppBuilder, Flex Viewer etc. to actually access that service?
  3. Is "Web-GIS" Web GIS | Esri  an alternative geodata serving tool that can accomplish what I'm attempting?

Thanks in advance,


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can you make the service public (portal or web adaptor) and add it to the simple map viewer in Arcgis Online?  Share the map with your users.  You won't have to upload anything to the cloud that way. No app needs to be built with the Simple map viewer in AGOL.

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Hi Leo,

No, as written above, I can not load  any data onto AGOL. This is strictly an intranet solution. So, is the ArcGIS for Server extension" Portal" my only option?  Again, we have Server up and running. My objective is to allow my work colleagues who do not have desktop the ability to view geodata. I can publish a service. Can that service be viewed through a web browser or is an app (built in Web AppBuilder) required?



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Hi James

1- You can secure your services and make them available at the rest/services directory. Users will be able to perform basic queries but html popups won't be available

2- To add functionalities such as popups and everything else you will need the ArcGIS API for JavaScript or AppBuilder

3- Portal is also an option

4- If users in your organization use open source software you can also publish WMS and WFS services

I hope this helps


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Hi Adriana,

Thank you for your response.

1. When you say make them available at the rest/services directory do

you mean a directory available through ArcGIS for Server or through AGOL?

Basic queries includes simple identifies?

2. I'm looking to have Web AppBuilder installed on my machine. Where on

arcGIS for Server does the finished app actually reside on Server?

3. Can you confirm for me that I am thinking of Portal correctly for

what I'm trying to do? Can i create a simple app in Web AppBuilder, Post

itosmwhere in ArcGIS for Server, and then make it viewable in an internet

browser via the Portal extension of ArcGIS for Server?

Thank You,


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Hi James,

When you publish your services through your ArcGIS for Server, you can usually view them through a basic Javascript viewer application that lets you see the published service itself. This can be done by accessing your REST directory via: http://yourservername:6080/arcgis/rest/services. This viewer only lets you see the service, you cannot have popups configured for it.

The problem in your case is, I am not sure if you can get a web adaptor setup internally through your intranet so that all of your colleagues can see the REST service directory that you manage.

If that's not satisfactory, I will recommend you download a web app template of ArcGIS from GitHub and then host it internally on your web server like IIS, TomCat. The web app builder requires an ArcGIS online account, but it will not be physically be hosted through cloud. Its one of the necessary requirements in the web app builder. So, going by your requirements I am gonna think you want to skim through some sample widgets available in ArcGIS Javascript API and find which suits your needs and then host it on your web server internally: Samples | ArcGIS API for JavaScript


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Thanks for your response. Isn't Web Adaptor an extension that needs to be

installed along with Portal. I thought both of those items are a part of

ArcGIS for Server 10.3.1 - which is what my administrator is currently

running. I'm hoping that means we in fact do have possession of both Web

Adaptor and Portal and that means I can try and install them to function

alongside of ArcGIS for Server.

From there wouldn't I be able to view a service through an application

built in Web AppBuilder?

From what I've read about Portal's web viewer I think I can view the

published service and hopefully, the html image pop-up point file -

created through the geo-tag image to points tool - will maintain its

functionality in the viewer. Is there any chance of that at all?


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I would also encourage you to have fun building the apps with the JavaScript API

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