Cache tiles using Google/Bing/etc zoom levels - What scale breaks work best?

11-07-2012 10:00 AM
New Contributor
I am going to cache some tiles for our region using the Google/Bing zoom scheme and I was curious to know what scale breaks work best?  For example lets use 3 different zoom levels (1:2,257 - 1:4,514 - 1:9,028). 

When I design my data for these different scales, should I create scale breaks at 1:2,256, 1:4,513 and 1:9,027 (ie. 1 fractional value below) - 1:2258, 1:4515 and 1:9029 (ie. 1 fractional value above) - or does it work best to use scale values that are in between the zoom breaks (ie. 1:3200, 1:6800, etc.).

I am interested in reasons for choosing either of these methods.
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