08-06-2012 06:35 AM
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Hi all,

I am trying to make a map that show travel flow from place to place. I have a bunch of XY points of the travelers' origin and destination, and I had created a bunch of "travel flow line" with the "XY to Line" in the ArcToolbox.

The problem is, I am having much trouble to present my data with an arrow line. For example, I tried to only show the arrow head without the line, but when I adjust the symbol properties of the line, the arrowhead adjust accordingly.

Does anyone have any solution to my problem? I imagine a way to deal with this is to seperate the line and the arrowhead into seperate layers, but I haven't find a method yet to allow me to do this.

Your help is greatly appreicated!

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Are you using the simple line decoration for your arrow?
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Use Representations.

1)  Store your data in a file geodatabase and then add it to a map.  Right click on the layer and go to Convert Symbology to Representation.
2)  Right click on your new layer representation and go to the Symbology properties.  You'll see a new option for Representations.
3)  By default, your symbolgy will be based on a Line.  Below the line representation window is a pushpin with a plus sign.  Click that to add a point marker symbol.
4)  Remove the line representation and then change the Along line effect to the At extremeties effect.  Now you can choose where you want the symbol to show up along the line, either at the beginning or end.  Finally, change the symbol to an arrowhead.
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