arcgis server portal web server domain access problems

03-12-2015 11:44 AM
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​i have a web server in DMZ with an internal fqdn, it is also associated with a web address.  The machine has a public IP address and a domain address.  it has 2 web adapters installed, one pointing to the AGS server.  The other to the poral server, this shows the machine name but strangly the external IP address.  I have public and secured services on AGS.  The address of the public services work perfectly in maps and application if accessed from the domain or from the Internet.   I can share secured service with portal accessing them in maps and applications using internal fqdn.  If I try accessing from the web then the services does not display and a pop up appears asking to login to the pirtal, but will not accept any usernames.

if i change the pirtal to have the external web address then I cannot access the secured services as when trying to add to pirtal it will not accept user name or password for the AgS secured services.

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