arcgis pro vanishes after portal login - arcgis portal - azure

05-21-2018 02:12 AM
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Hi, I just upgraded ArcGIS Enterprise (in Azure cloud server) from 10.5 to 10.5.1 ... ArcGIS Pro was working fine before connecting to same ArcGIS Portal for license. After this upgrade ... ArcGIS Pro vanishes / crashes after launching ArcGIS Pro and Sign-In to Portal. 

The Named User license and counts are OK ...  the License Manager is located on another Azure cloud server. Its the same portal configuration file used to link ArcGIS Portal with the License Manager before. Telnet between both servers on port 27002 working fine. Assigning licenses in My Organization > Manage License > Users all look correct. 

I heard ArcGIS Pro vanishing is if ArcGIS Portal cannot communicate with License Manager. Is there any log ... can't catch error messages ... it just vanishes.

Please help.

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From the description provided, I assume ArcGIS Enterprise was upgraded and functioning properly.  ArcGIS Pro is probably not having a problem with ArcGIS Enterprise or Pro licenses assigned.  The problem is likely on the License Manager side.  Please verify your license manager version is also 10.5.1 or later.  The license manager must be at least the same version as ArcGIS Enterprise.  Also, please verify the version of ArcGIS Pro.  

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I am having a similar issue, except I am working with a new 10.6 build. I just installed license manager and linked it to my portal site. From the licensing window in Pro the path to my Portal site is available and the credentials window pops up but once I enter in my credentials it just goes blank for a few seconds then returns me to the licensing window without any error messages.

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