ArcGIS Portal -Creator Licenses for basic whiteboard functionality

03-05-2020 09:28 AM
New Contributor III

We have migrated to ArcGIS Portal to enable Active Directory Authentication.  The issue i am having is that we use basic whiteboard tools that allow us to create basic features on a map and have been doing so for the past 10 years.  This gives us the ability to save features in SQL and host the data on the viewer.  The problem i am facing now is that when using portal it forces me to make those a named user/creator to make changes.  This is a huge problem for my business as we need many licenses for something that is so basic and elementary to any project web viewer.  We are not using these license for Collector apps or anything field related.  For that i would understand the higher cost per license, but for something so basic I am confused.  Is there something i am overlooking?  I am obviously not going to be unethical and create 1 creator user id and pass that identity on through internal sites, but surely this wasn't ESRI's intentions.  Can someone please assist if they know a better way of doing this while remaining completely compliant?

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