ArcGIS Enterprise Portal reverse proxy

12-01-2020 05:16 AM
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We have set up ArcGIS Portal and configured a web adaptor, Everything works fine in the local environment.

We need to access it through a DMZ.

We have setup a reverse proxy on IIS, Everything works fine whenever we try to access the Portal through a URL like this

But as a company policy, everything public should have "/external" added to the URL

So the URL should be

I set a rule to exclude the "/external" part from the URL but I get a 404 error for a URL like this

It seems that some requests are sent without adding the "/portal" part of the URL.


Any ideas please about this?


Thanks in advance.


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Does this Esri help article help? The web context URL is the first thing that comes to mind for me.

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Thanks so much, @RyanUthoff  for your response.

I actually forgot to mention that I also set the web context URL but this didn't fix the issue.

Just FYI, I  got it working now by sitting three inbound rules on IIS. I hope someone has a simpler way of fixing this issue.

Thanks again.

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