ArcGIS Data Store services cannot start after restarting computer

03-03-2017 02:28 AM
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When I completed the installation of Data Store 10.4, the ArcGIS Data Store Configuration Wizard will open automatically and I can configure the ArcGIS Server successfully. I can verify the Data Store in ArcGIS Manager and a tick will show.

However, after I restart the computer, the ArcGIS Data Store service will not start. I try to start the service manually and it still cannot connect to https://localhost:2443/arcgis/datastore (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED). The ArcGIS Data Store service will stop automatically after a while.

If I uninstall and install ArcGIS Data Store, it can configure the ArcGIS Server by ArcGIS Data Store Configuration Wizard again. After that I try to federate the ArcGIS Server site with ArcGIS Portal, set the Server as Hosting Server and publish web scene in ArcGIS Pro, it would be failed with the message "failed to publish web layer". A scene service will be uploaded to the Portal and I try to publish it, it failed with message "not authenticated: error with httpclient 4.1".

Would anyone helps?

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Even I would like to see a better solution to this issue. All I have seen is a complete uninstall of ArcGIS Data Store and reinstall/reconfiguring it with ArcGIS Data Store. If you are uninstalling it, make sure to remove the registered Data Store connection from ArcGIS Server before you proceed.

I would suggest you to raise a ticket with Esri Technical Support to resolve the issue. Let us know if you find a methodology to resolve the issue without uninstalling the data store.

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Thank you for reply. The problem disappear when I fully reinstall the vm. 

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I'll add in one thing that happened to us back when first bringing Portal up.

After installing, we allocated added disk space to our Data Store VM (WinSrvr 2012 R2).

But, I forgot to use Disk Manager to expand the partition into the new free space.

Hence, the disk filled up when I wasn't looking.

I worked with Esri to try to recover but in the end it was much simpler to delete the VM and reinstall.

Having enough Disk Space is a pretty basic thing but sometimes it's the obvious that really bites us.  We now monitor disk space.  😉

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Thank you for the suggestion but the VM has 30GB free space in C drive. 

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Also had a similar issue, and it can be your case too if you run in windows services.msc and check if you have Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) running and not disabled it is usually the case.

After installing ArcGIS DataStore the ArcGIS DataStore wizard was returning err-connection_refused, and btw it happened more when i used the Configure ArcGIS Server account utility. I think to reproduce it if necessary of course: i) enable and start ICS service, ii) remove ArcGIS DataStore from a Base Enterprise Deployment, iii) run the Configure ArcGIS Server account utility (with an already installed server + adaptor), assign a different account, iv) run setup of DataStore v) after setup it will say err_connection_refused vi) check C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DataStore\usr\logs it will display an <machine> suffix folder which shows that datastore is now focused in a different pseudo machine, for fixing simple disable ICS and in cmd: ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew restart and is working.

Some credits to spatial community for helping me in the research and solving the issue.

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