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Arc GIS Portal Issue - Log Files NOT Created.

08-10-2017 02:41 AM
New Contributor III

Dear All,

We had developed an application using ArcGIS Portal 10.5 /ArcGIS Pro/WAB.

We are abstracting the reports from the ArcGIS Portal->Organisations->View Status. The reports are based on the Application/Group/Members access. 

We would like to recover the data from IP Address range. We have Intranet with different IP Ranges in various physical location. 


1. Is there is any way to get the Log with IP Address of the machines in ArcGIS portal?

2. I checked the Log Files for Database/Portal which located in the 



Portal Log is NOT even created. The date of last generated Log file is 31 July 2017 with 0KB.

How to set the ArcGIS Portal to start creating the Log files?


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