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03-07-2017 12:44 PM
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I've been reading about anonymous access to Portal and just wanted to know more about what it entails.

I would like some people to be able to access the portal anonymously but others, with more privileges should be prompted for their password, am I correct that this would require a second web adaptor to configure this?

If I have a Portal for ArcGIS with anonymous access enabled how does that affect my licenses?
Can anonymous users also create maps from existing layers and share data or is this like a viewer access? How much of the interface is accessible to them?

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Hi Frieda - this probably says it best....

Anonymous access doesn't require an additional web adapter. Users with identity would have to sign in to see the content shared with them (will not be prompted - using enterprise logins would log them in automatically). Anonymous doesn't affect your licenses, it just makes the Home page, Gallery, Map, Scene and Groups visible without authenticating. Anonymous users would be able to access the map, add content to the map (public layers) to explore data but wouldn't be able to save them or share them. Below is a snap of a portal with anonymous enabled, you can see the resources available.

Hope this helps - Adam Z

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To follow up with this question, is it possible to require authentication to access Home Page, Gallery, Map, Scene and Groups by authenticating with an external service, without adding hundreds of people to the organization? I need to track who is accessing some layers but can't drop thousands of dollars on named user accounts.

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Hi Stephen - In ArcGIS Enterprise you are not limited on Level 1 user accounts. You can request as many as you would like. This would be the most efficient way to manage read-only user access in Enterprise. Additionally, you could work with your active directory admins to create a group of users and add the group to Enterprise. If you enable integrated web authentication on your web adaptor then those users will have a single sign on experience.

FAQ: No-Cost Viewers (Level 1 Named Users) for ArcGIS Enterprise Standard and Advanced 

Use Integrated Windows Authentication with your portal—Portal for ArcGIS (10.6) | ArcGIS Enterprise 

Hope this helps.

Adam Z

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Thanks Adam Ziegler‌. This was not the case the last time we looked into this question.

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Hi Stephen, a couple of months ago i had the same questions, and testing got this:

- First, when you use anonymous acces in your portal the users can go and use the map tool and access to layers in groups that are public and with public content (in other words shared with "All" and "my organization"), if is not public content and public groups they cant access to that content, they can't add new layers to the map.

- Anonymous access for users  it does not have to do with ArcGIS web adaptor, what the option in web adaptor config means is a anonymous administration for ArcGIS Server.

-Anonymous access does not have to affect your licenses, one license spent only when you register a user, with anonymous access the users do not require to login, i recommend you disable the default page to register users, then they can't be registered by they self.

I hope this can help you.


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