allowing a hosted feature layer to be exported

01-15-2021 03:34 PM
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I have really been having a time trying to get the Data Store configured on this portal site.  With some great help from ESRI tech support, Data Store has been successfully validated.  So now, I am publishing a vectored layers from my Enterprise Data Set (this is coming from a read only "warehouse' version of the Geodatabase). 

I am able to successfully publish the data to a hosted layer on the Data Store.  This data is shared with everyone as well as a group created for a Enterprise Site set up for sharing data and allowing the data to be exported. I have read in the ESRI documentation and other help online and have determined that the published Hosted Feature Layer IS NOT set for down load and the setting needs to be changes..  No Problem, right???  

Well going into the service page of the Hosted layer, I check the setting to allow "others to download data". then in clicking save I get the error as shown in the attachment..  Does anyone have an idea or suggestion on this issue?  I just would like to share several data layers from the Enterprise GDB to the public for download.







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Hi @James_Armstrong,

Is it possible you've configured 'allowedProxyHosts' in your Portal's Security Configuration?

That's when I've usually seen the 400 response in the past from the Sharing/Proxy endpoint, since you may not have added the internal domain (xxxxxx.local) to the list of allowed hosts.

Restricting the portal's proxy capability—Portal for ArcGIS | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise

Hope that helps!

-- Chris Pawlyszyn
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