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Adjoining Polygons Dashed Lines

12-20-2012 06:16 AM
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I have a feature class that is the drainage areas of a proposed project. I need the outlines of these drainage areas to be dashed. How do I control the adjoining drainage areas outlines so that the pattern of the dashed lines do not overlap and display as a solid line.
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Feature Class Representations are probably the way to go -- I believe you have to have ArcEditor or ArcInfo to apply it, though.
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To avoid a complicated solution I would suggest this little band-aid workaround I discovered:

Go to the line properties of the dashed line and change 'Line Caps' and 'Line Joins' both to Round. Then under the template tab set the template to:

or to just

W- White
B- Black

The important part is putting the white gap squares at the beginning of the template.
This will make the dashes look better but not perfect.
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You could use lines created from the polygons once they've been planarized to get rid of overlaps.  We typically work with lines, points and polys as part of our normal procedures.  In your case, however, it might require an extra feature class, but a line feature class has other benefits, such as allowing symbology categories, definition queries, ease of editing lines, etc.
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