adjacent polygons as different colors in ArcGIS v10

01-23-2012 09:53 AM
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I'm looking for a script or toolbox for ArcGIS v10 to do what Color Optimizer did in ArcView 3.x or similar to what FiveColorMap did for 9.x.  I tried FiveColor but couldn't get it to work with v10.  I'm sure many folks could use an updated script.

I'd like to be able to assigned a user-defined number of colors to a unique values layer/shapefile, so that adjacent polygons are not colored the same color.  Either that or have the script have the built-in capability to know how many unique colors it needs to create so that no adjacent polygon has the same color (the first way might not necessarily achieve the purpose, depending on the user input).  Basically, it's taking the table file, adding a field, and populating the field with incremental values, like 1-10 and then repeating that sequence for a layer so that no adjacent polygons have the same color (value from 1 - 10).  According to my data, the maximum number of colors looks to be around 10.  I have tables that range from 3000 - 80,000 records.

Thanks for any feedback.

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