Adding X - Y data: other layers dissapearing

06-04-2013 10:14 PM
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I have been using the add x -Y data command to add a point to a map with an aerial photo mosaic.  I symbolize the point real prominently.  The problem is that  in once I have supposedly added the point to the map as a layer the rest of the map disappears so that when I am in layout view, i see my new point, the legend, and the scale but not the aerial photos.  The aerial photo layer and the new layer have the same coordinate system.
Hopefully this is enough information for somebody to give me some help.
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Hi Chris,

Are your layers in the same data frame? Are you able to see the aerial photo in the Table of Contents still or is it completely removed from the map?

Melanie S.
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My suspicision is that the points are not in the same coordinate system as the imagery. Particularly if you use the Add XY tool in ArcMap, it will default to assigning the data frame's coordinate system to the XY data. If the XY data is not already in that coordinate system, you can get the problem you listed with not being able to view all layers at once. When a coordinate system is assigned as in the Add XY tool, Define Projection tool, or data's property page in ArcCatalog, it updates the metadata only, the coordinate values are not changed. You have to assign the coordinate system that the data is in, then use the Project Tool or let ArcMap project the data on-the-fly to put it into a different coordinate system.

If the imagery is in a projected coordinate system, I think the points are lat/lon, a geographic coordinate system.

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