Adding Labels to an Annotation Group

05-28-2014 07:37 AM
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I have an annotation group which contains the labels of streets in my parish. Since I've made this annotation group, new streets have been added and I need to added these new street labels to my annotation group. Is their anyway to refresh an annotation group so the new labels will be included as part of this feature class? I've also tried making a new annotion group hoping this would allow me to add new values to it but it didn't work. Is their anyway to do this without having to redo the whole annotation group?

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Where is your annotation stored? In the map or in a geodatabase?
IN the map: on the drawing toolbar, select Drawing >> Active annotation Group>> then select the one you wish to modify. Add your new labels.
In a geodatabase: Start an edit session on your annotation, and add your labels.
If your question is how to only label the new roads, do a join based on the road name. Then select by attribute, roadname1 = roadname2. Invert selection. label this selection.
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