Adding Attribute Table to Map Layout (Dynamic Text?)

06-05-2013 07:49 AM
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Here is what I am trying to do:

I am creating a map book that has data driven pages enabled and shows an aerial photo and building locations. What I would like to do is add an attribute table to my map layout which shows 2 attribute field values for the buildings layer. In this attribute table, I would only like to display the features located in that particular grid section. I believe I would have to use some sort of dynamic text in order to have the table change for each page. The data driven pages is enabled for my grid layer, not the buildings layer.

I do not know if this is even possible and I am having a hard time solving this problem. Any advice would be appreciated!
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Hello Tamra,

It appears you can use Insert > Dynamic Text > Data Driven Page Attribute, however this will be pulling attributes from the layer that you are using as your index layer (in your case, the grid).  Is it at all possible for you to set the buildings layer as your index layer?  If you have a unique field within the buildings layer, you can probably accomplish this.

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Since you only need to pull two values out per layout I'd first try Matt's suggestion.

If that doesn't work and you want to learn ArcPy, take a look at, specifically the dynamic table section.
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You could also try using a legend with the legend limiter or doing a page definition query on the buildings layer. This only requires adding a field to buildings that links those records to your DD index layer driver field.
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