Adding a shapfile to map - dropped in 10.3 Portal?

02-26-2015 09:25 AM
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10.2 Portal let to add shape file to a map using zip file.

10.3 seems to miss this ability. The only options available are: CSV, TXT, GPX.

This ability is important for our clients who want only temporary evaluate the shape.

Publishing feature service is not an option IMO - I don't want them to publish services.


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You can still do this but the portal must have a hosting server to add a zipped shapefile or CSV or text file containing addresses to the map viewer. Additionally, a custom geocode utility service is needed to add a CSV or text file containing addresses.

From: Add layers—Portal for ArcGIS | ArcGIS for Server

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Thanks Andy,

Does it mean that the portal will automatically create a service for every shape file at the hosting service? If yes, users will be overload the server with tens of new services everyday.

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I can confirm that it's possible to add shapefiles to a web map in Portal 10.3, but  the services don't appear in My Content.  That means, Michael, that you're right about overloading the server, because users won't be able to delete those miscellaneous services.