Web Adaptor Folder Connection Option

02-10-2014 08:49 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
Give the web adaptor a configuration option to connect only to a single folder of published services on ArcGIS Server.

That way it makes it easy to manage services intended for certain internal and external routing. For example, if you have certain services open to the external public you can publish those to a "public" folder. Then have the web adaptor in the DMZ that is acting as a reverse proxy only connected to the public folder (e.g. - http://mygisserver.com:6080/public). Another web adaptor on the ArcGIS Server inside the organization can connect to the root of the services (e.g. - http://mygisserver.com:6080) to have access to both the public folder services and other services that are for internal use only.

This request for a simple means of limiting the services exposed by a single web adpator has been expressed in a couple of other ways in other posts.