Use SQL for field calculations on versioned data (option to move edits to base)

03-02-2022 12:31 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, in ArcGIS Pro, SQL field calculations are only possible for unversioned EDGB data.

SQL expressions support faster calculations for feature services and enterprise geodatabases. Instead of performing calculations one feature or row at a time, a single request is sent to the server or database, resulting in faster calculations.

Only feature services and enterprise geodatabases support SQL expressions. For other formats, use Python or Arcade expressions.

Using the SQL option for the Expression Type parameter has the following limitations:

 - The option is only supported for Db2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, and SQL Server enterprise geodatabases.
 - Calculating field values on joined tables is not supported.
 - Versioned and archived data is not supported.
 - The ability to undo geoprocessing operations is not supported.

It would be helpful if SQL field calculation support could be expanded to versioned data too.
Specifically, traditional versioning, with the option to move edits to base. 






It seems to me that it should be straightforward to implement this on traditional versioned data with the option to move edits to base. Since "the option to move edits to base" makes versioned data essentially behave the same as unversioned data -- just update the base table.