Update Help Files With Known Issues

06-03-2014 07:54 AM
Status: Closed
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When there are known issues with a particular feature, the description of the issue should be linked or embedded in that feature's help file.  Understanding the limits or bugs in certain features would save users a lot of time.

For example, in the Manage Map Server Cache Tiles tool help file, it would be helpful to have the issue "When using the Manage Map Server Cache Tiles tool in ArcMap, the results do not retain the defined area of interest (AOI)" annotated in this help file.  If a fix is planned, it would be helpful to know the version for the fix (eg. 10.2.1).
I forget the details but there was a bug introduced in 9.2 in a command that was never fixed until 9.3.1.  I wasted god knows how long trying to debug a program and then with ESRI support before finding out the command didn't work.  Updating the help page would have saved me time and all the other users who tried to use a command in their scripts that never worked in 9.2.
This is a fantastic idea, but one that I can't imagine we will ever see.  The vast majority of Help documentation just scratches the surface, especially with developer-related topics, tools, etc....  One of the biggest hurdles I see to this type of idea is that a large number on bugs aren't even published to ArcGIS Resources.  I have never figured out how they decide what bugs get published publically and what ones don't.

Great idea, though.  Given how common bugs are and how many string are typically attached to tools, this kind of linkage between bugs and Help documentation would be a big time saver.
Status changed to: Closed

This idea will not be implemented.  Thank you for your suggestion!