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Topographic Basemap Accuracy

01-13-2021 05:41 PM
Status: Closed
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Hello community,

I went through the topographic basemap with contour and notice that at 116.2082899E, 6.0197234N, the altitude showed seems to be off (1227meters). When checking the altitude of the specific location using ArcGIS Pro tool, it showed that the highest peak to be 836meters. I've used different method as well to check on the altitude and it shows the peak to be around 839meter, which makes more sense.

It would be great to update the basemap as it might affect a specific project a client is working with.

Thanks and regards,


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For basemaps, you can use this site to submit corrections.

However, please pay attention to this note:

The Raster Basemaps like the World Topographic and World Street maps are going to be entering mature support in July 2021.  This means that Esri will not update them after a certain period and therefore are not accepting feedback after December 15, 2020.  Many of the corrections you may be reporting on the Raster Basemaps might already be corrected in the Vector Basemaps, go check!  Read this article for more information.

Status changed to: Closed

Marking idea as Closed - As noted by @KenBuja above, certain Raster Basemaps are due to enter mature support, and feedback is not being accepted at this time. This includes the World Topo map in this request.

Any additional feedback for Basemaps and Geocoding should instead be directed here. Thank you!