Support Swagger for ArcGIS Server REST endpoints

02-27-2013 06:14 PM
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The current REST API endpoints for the ArcGIS server services directory and administration allow you to get some useful information and test operations but the documentation is very basic and when complex inputs are required there is no help at all really. By adding Swagger support you could provide the user with a much richer experience and make the API more self documenting.


Swagger/RAML support would be very useful for enterprise API management frameworks.  It would also be useful for registering services in catalogs like


Most repositories for mapping api functionality these days seem to support import from Swagger and there are even libraries in popular languages that can help "wrap" an API that exposes swagger to make development easier.  this would be a huge benefit to adoption of the REST Endpoints (and in turn the arcgis stack)


Word. This would be awesome!


Note this has been adapted as the "standard" for Open API Initiative.  that should add a bit more incentive to become a "partner" in the API space.


It's criminal that this doesn't exist. Get with the program ESRI. 


We're now going all-hands-on-deck to get everything we have into an API management platform, and the idea of creating an OpenAPI/Swagger file for every one of our services is a nonstarter.  Esri, please do this.


Was this idea really created way back in 2013?  Well, then I might as well jump on the bandwagon!  I was really hoping to ask about this at this year's (2020) Developer Summit but based upon Esri's response to this idea, it does not seem to be a priority for them.  I found agol-swagger online but it is about four years old, and it is not comprehensive.

We have an internal use case that I want to explore, and I feel pretty confident about getting a tiny piece of this to work with WSO2.  Does anyone have any advice or experience to share?  If I am successful, then I may try to share that here.

Thank you!


I would also add that swagger API for portal/AGO rest services would be handy as well.


Need ArcGIS Swagger definition for AWS API Gateway.  Thanks!

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Yes please swagger support for ArcGIS enterprise