SLD Support-.MXD/AGServer

04-01-2010 06:04 AM
Status: Closed
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Enhance SLD (OGC Styled-Layer-Descripter) support by making AGS SLD aware and allow users to edit in that standard on the AGS, without needed an ArcMap document. Secondly, make ArcMap docs (MXD) SLD conforming or exportable. This will allow ESRI products to get a hook into the OGC environment that is quickly scaling to the capabilities of ESRI products.

posted the second part of this request as parr of my ArcGIS 10 betatesting:
ESRI respons: That will be a nice feature to have, but currently it's not planned for ArcGIS 10. Without client side SLD support in ArcMap the use of WFS will be minimal: to slooooow!
I can't imagine why it would be hard to implement in ArcMap.

It remove the necessity for ArcMap entirely. I think its a competition thing in there mind. Same reason services on ArcGIS Server do not support WMS,WFS,WCS natively but their implementation of REST and SOAP.

Sad, really.
one option is to use GeoCAT bridge which creates SLD files from ArcMap directly. Works a treat.
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Not in the active product plan.