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Sites: Enable Download Option For Anonymous Users

10-28-2020 06:50 AM
Status: Open
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While running ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 with all current patching in place as of this submission, ran into this nugget.

Current Behavior:  Anonymous users to ArcGIS Portal Site can not download data sets.  Download option is unavailable regardless of settings (public + download formats on service, etc.)  Download button is greyed out.  Basic gist from tech support is:

Enterprise Sites use portal’s export function for downloads even for public content. Non-logged in users don’t have a token and so they can’t trigger an export which is why the option is disabled. Not something on immediate backlog.

Desired Behavior:  Enable the download function.  In my case, Level 1 users are plentiful, but that is just an extra step for folks that in some cases is not desired.  One step too many for a minimal effort self-service effort for lack of better words.  Enabling the download function would allow on-premise/cloud deployed Enterprise Sites to have a similar basic capability of ArcGIS Hub basic without having to use Hub.  This allows users to have a choice between AGOL and Enterprise, storage locations of their open data, means of deployment, etc.

Here is a potential use case scenario....

You are managing a Site and its content on dedicated servers to support a police department.  The police department sits on a VLAN that is segregated from the rest of the organization.  The team you are working with identifies certain data sets that they want the whole department to have access to, but has made the decision that not everyone in the department needs a logon.  Enabling the download function from an anonymous account would allow those users to get access to the data without having to either set up Hub or give that user an account.


This would be a big improvement for us. Could Esri please consider


FYI, Esri told me that Hub was the way to go if I wanted that capability on my last support call about it.


Thanks John..

I had a chat with our local Esri guys here in Oz, and they said the same thing. 

I'm actually trying to publish our Non-federated (standalone) ArcGIS REST Services up in a new Portal that is not hosted by us, but another division in our organisation. We don't actually have a portal to use, just someone else's so I'm trying to avoid having to move data around between two GDBs or Datastores etc. We have a bunch of map services - which I'd like people to be able to download from. Seems simple enough - but for some reason Portal/Enterprise has a whole level of abstraction sitting on it that is continually frustrating to deal with.

I spent yesterday moving over my initial site development to the Hub - so far so good, but ideally I'd really like this in Portal, and have the ability to publish non-federated services to the Site, and have download capability enabled. I don't want to have to create Hosted Layers to do this as I then have to worry about data syncing and  moving from u-federated to federated data storage etc...  I think that's how I'm reading this?? It's so convoluted some of this stuff


This feature will be very beneficial.

by Anonymous User

We need to allow anonymous users to download data, it's absolutely critical for our site.


YES!  Please enable anonymous data download, especially from Dashboard.  We cover the necessary security by specifically enabling this functionality on certain datasets.  Blocking the download functionality pending login prevents our ability to use dashboards for many operations.