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Shortlist- allow field mapping in 'as-is' option for enterprise pt layers.

02-16-2018 09:59 AM
Status: Open
MVP Regular Contributor

The Shortlist Story Map template is a great way to display point locations with pictures and information, and I believe it could be even better if it allowed a 'live link' for as-is enterprise data (from Portal or on premise rest service).

The current issue:

If you would like a 'live link' to your point data in a web map you need to use the 'as-is' option and download a template. This option requires a specific field schema for the data to work in the story map. In the case of enterprise data, field names are pre-existing and your only options are 1) Add extra fields just for the sake of the story map or 2) you have to make a cut of the data and completely reconstruct your data to match the schema for the short list.

Use Case Scenario:

You have a field crew who are maintaining a enterprise pt layer of memorial benches. Benches are continually added to honor lost loved ones and pets. You would like to create a story map for your organization to highlight this program community and honor the lost. You need the shortlist app to be able to continually update from your enterprise data (from Portal) to allow for new bench locations to be added with their photos and descriptions. 

I pose this idea:

Incorporate field mapping into the shortlist app. Allow pre-existing field titles to be mapped to the required field titles for the shortlist. For example required fields, we're all familiar with the append tool and how it allows 'no-test' field mapping or even how the AGOL geocoding tool works when matching address, state, zip (etc) with your own spreadsheet data. I suggest this be a functionality of the shortlist, allow it's required fields (Name, Tab_name, Pic_URL, Thumb_URL, Short_Desc, DESC1-5, etc) to be mapped to respective existing fields in an enterprise pts layer.

Another Option with this idea:

  • Allow administrators to define a default image in the configuration of the app if image attachments are <null>

It is a good point. We didn't do field mapping because it gets quite complicated. For the enterprise workflow you describe, we'd recommend exporting the data and publishing it with the required fields, and perhaps using field concatenation to add HTML formatting or combine fields together to get exactly the look you want. You could then automate that workflow using scripting in ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro to automatically generate the updated data for the Shortlist whenever you want from the source data.



Hi Rupert, 

Thanks so much for the idea. I agree python automation could also accomplish this updating with a cut of the data.

My idea more so suggested streamlining this workflow and allowing users to use existing live data that's been published to AGOL/ArcGIS Server to create a Shortlist.  That being said from what it sounds like the back end of Shortlist can not be developed to incorporate 'field mapping' with it's current code structure. Good to know, but it would be great if this could be a consideration for future Shortlist updates. 

In addition, thanks so much for sending me that article. I was wondering if Shortlist supports the entire approved list of HTML supported in AGOL? Would it support HTML for audio clips similar to Map Tour?

As always, thanks so much!


It does support audio clip HTML like Map Tour, but definitely try it out with your audio sources before committing to a project.


Hi Rupert, 

Thanks for all your help on this! The audio and HTML in the story maps turned out great:  and

Thanks again!