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Share sde table with Enterprise (not hosted)

11-25-2022 05:31 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

We need the ability to share sde tables to arcgis enterprise and be able to edit them through enterprise apps.

could work with hosted table, if u can use it to join a sde featurelayer and publish it to enterprise again, perhaps its possible in newer versions but our 10.9.1 doesnt allow that.


Can we get some more details as to why you would want to do this? Like, are you trying to edit/maintain a table in the SDE schema or just a SDE registered table/feature class?


sure ill try to explain bare with me, english is not my native tongue. also it may be im going about it the wrong way but...

im not trying to change a table in the schema. what i would like is if we could publish and use our feature tables in apps in the same manner as we do with featureclasses it would gives us some more options. 

right now I need to read data from one system from a view, this data cant and should not be edited by the GIS software. what I like to do is add some data (columns) to that data and publish it. 

this I can do in a mapservice with a join. BUT it cant be done in an featureservice since views are not supported. also even if views was supported it wouldnt help since the way join works I can only edit the data from the left, so it would be the other systems data that could be edited if we had permissions, but that doesnt help us.

so i have no good way to get it out to our lightweight users, other than create a feature class for the editing. and then discard the coordinates in my join with the other systems tables. but this will be somewhat confusing for other users than me that set it up.