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Service Details List

03-05-2020 07:35 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

It would be nice if one could see all the web maps, apps, dashboards, etc. that are consuming a service on the details page of such service. You can see a lot of details on this page currently, but not the end use of a service.

This would make it much quicker to update any of the end use maps, apps... when you update this service and something goes wrong, or you just want to QC that they are still functioning properly.

#services, #enterprise, #AGOL

by Anonymous User

This is a very important addition to the platform. It ties in with this Idea, for managing SDE layers (which necessitates knowing what service(s) are using a layer and need to be stopped, for schema changes) 


I would also appreciate this function. I would  recommend building a tool to show dependencies and links between
datasources <-> feature services <-> maps <-> all kinds of apps <-> widgets (using feature services) for portal admins.