Service credits allotments for ArcGIS Enterprise deployments

07-09-2020 09:41 AM
Status: Open
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ArcGIS Enterprise (AGE) deployments should have the availability to have pools of ArcGIS Online (AGO) service credits assigned to the AGE deployment. So in Settings for AGE instead of supplying an ArcGIS Online organization account you supply an authorization code and/or some kind of authorization info (maybe an Esri account that has My Esri access). Either way, then the deployment has a pool of credits that are not associated with an ArcGIS Online organization and AGE named users can be assigned quotas to use the service credits.

The current all or nothing approach to service credit usage in AGE is problematic because premium Living Atlas layers are shared with the entire organization instead of a group so I cannot control which users are accessing those layers, much less keep them from using up all the service credits.


I agree with the above - for us, the inability to allocate credits to named users is on the verge of turning into an administrative nightmare. With different users and teams wanting to run credit-intensive gp tools, we need these individuals/teams to purchase their own blocks of credits. However, we can't then allocate them to each buyer, leaving the portal admin to manually track and manage the overall credits. I'm confused why the ability to allocate credits exists in AGO but not in Enterprise. 


There is a similar idea here:

Additionally, there is an ENH (ENH-000120963) that mimics this request that you could ask your account manager to attach your organization to for more traction.