Provide usage statistics as Prometheus metrics in Enterprise

05-07-2022 06:00 AM
New Contributor II

In the Kubernetes version the /admin/userstatistics endpoint seems to be able to provide metrics in Prometheus format according to

In the Enterprise (on-site) version this interface does not seem to exist. It would be great to be able to monitor that one as well via Grafana/Prometheus.


Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thank you for this suggestion. We're pleased that customers using the Kubernetes deployment option for ArcGIS Enterprise find the service usage metrics and integration with Grafana dashboards helpful, for monitoring and understanding performance of the software running on Kubernetes.

This was added specifically to support the performance and tuning of the Kubernetes deployment option, but on our list for consideration will be potentially expanding use of the Prometheus/Grafana tooling for the other deployment option. Also be sure to look into ArcGIS Monitor as a great solution for seeing and understanding the usage and performance of ArcGIS running on traditional architectures.



Thanks for the feedback! It would be great if you could look into this since I think quite a few Enterprise customers are using the Grafana/Prometheus toolkit for generic monitoring even if not running Kubernetes and container based applications.

ArcGIS Monitor is good, but in most situations you want to get the information into a more generic monitoring tool where alerts and dashboards are done.

I guess I could build my own agent/exporter taking data from ArcGIS Monitor and providing them in Prometheus format, but I would definitely prefer having that support out of the box.