Provide more number formatting options in ArcGIS Enterprise

10-24-2017 12:43 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be great if number formatting for "German-Deutsch (Switzerland)" could be added to ArcGIS Enterprise (e.g. in pop-ups). The following number format is commonly being used in Switzerland:

German-Deutsch (Switzerland): 394'401'730.00

ArcGIS Enterprise offers some options to format numbers.

  • Number of decimals can be configured.

  • Use of a character for 1000 separator (digit grouping) can be enabled or disabled.

Decimal separator and 1000 separator depend on the language setting in the user profile or in the browser. 

Formatting example in a pop-up (394 million, two decimal places):

German-Deutsch: 394.401.730,00

English-English: 394,401,730.00



Presuming a Microsoft Windows OS, have you tried changing the region and language to match what you want?  I know this option works to reformat date/time fields and may also work for numeric.  Not sure about that though.


Could this be prioritised - the functionality in ArcGIS pro is not working so some options to do this in Enterprise is needed.