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Preview bulk publishing sync changes before running

12-10-2020 01:48 PM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

After selecting the Sync button on the Layers page of a Data Store, I think it would be particularly useful to have a page show a preview of everything that will change when the sync occurs. At a minimum, I think the preview page should list:

  • layers that will be added
  • layers that will be removed
  • layers that have metadata changes
  • layers that have schema changes
  • layers that have editor tracking enabled in database time and need a time zone set

It has not been a great experience to just select the sync button and find out what happened (or broke) after the fact. Once, I added a field to feature class that was already bulk published and, after syncing, every single web map using the feature class had the symbology reverted to a default symbol. A warning that would happen would have been appreaciated.