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Pre-Event Webhooks

07-09-2020 09:19 AM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

Add additional webhook triggers that are triggered just before an event occurs, allowing Administrator and developers to intercept events occurring on some or all items, to perform validation.


Trigger eventURI example

Before an item is added to the portal


Any item is deleted


Any item is updated


Any item is moved or it's ownership is changed


Any item is published


Any item is shared


Any item is unshared


The ownership of any item has been reassigned


A specific item is deleted


A specific item's properties are updated


A specific item's ownership is changed or the item is moved


A specific item is published


A specific item is shared


A specific item is unshared


The ownership of a specific item has been reassigned


Obviously, these "before" webhooks should be applied to all existing and future webhooks, including Group, User and Role webhooks. Having pre-event webhooks would be useful for administrators that work in highly regulated industries where we may need to "sniff" out a an item for sensitive information and possibly strip that information, deny the publication or tokenizing that information.

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