Offline Map Area owner needs to be changed

03-25-2020 12:50 AM
New Contributor III

Organization administrators should be able to change ownership of a web map that contains a map area.


Great Idea!


Managing Map Area's becomes much easyer for organisations when it's not depending on one person. To ensure higher availability of Map Area's.


From my perspective these is not only an idea but a "non-functional bug" (the functionality to create predefined offline areas has not correctly implemented the non functional requirement, that a possibility to substitute the owner without knowing his login must always be available)

For me it's a blocker to use the pre-defined offline capabilities. 

Reason: The organziation ha no chance to change anything in the configuration of the webmap (e.g. error in field maps configurations) or to create/manage offline areas when the owner is not available (due to vaccation, travelling etc). These does not correspond with the MLA which states that each user must have it's own identity ("named user").