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Minecraft Migration

06-15-2024 03:33 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Can we transfer Minecraft Data and Files to an ArcGIS Mapping App. Can current Minecraft developers and creators migrate their data to a real-world scenario in an ArcGIS app or web map. This would allow the user to transfer data to real world scenarios and to view in real time but also to transfer data to blueprints and 3d models. This would allow 3d printing and architectural blueprints to be created and processed as a virtual cad system vs. using complicated cad design systems. I have not had time to research the current Minecraft real world solutions to determine where the current developments are. This is something I've been wondering about for years. My sons Minecraft skills are advanced, and he needs to migrate to something more sophisticated such as ArcGIS Mapping although all of his data and files remain in Minecraft as pixelated creations. I'd like to see his developments transferred in a real-time real-world scene with an option to transfer to architectural data for building designs and 3d models.