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Metadata sharing permission independent of item sharing permission

06-05-2023 11:05 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

It would add great flexibility to data management and discoverability if there was a way to share metadata items to an organisation or publicly, while keeping item sharing to a group.

Authoritative data commonly may be sensitive and not be shared beyond a group.  In this scenario, there is no way for another user to discover that a dataset exists.  Having the ability to share the associated metadata record to a broader audience would help this.




this would be a great improvement to reduce siloing and duplication, and improve project linkages within an enterprise organisation. This would help where we don't want to share the data to everyone (could have sensitive parts), but in some circumstances we want to catalogue that the data exists to alert people that want to ask for access and have legitimate claims to use it, can. This would still need to be an opt in type thing though - toggle button for example would be great!


joining to - ArcGIS Enterprise could secure item descriptions and content separately

Also note that in ArcGIS Pro for various metadata styles there are separate constraint indicators for 1) the metadata; and 2) the data.  ArcGIS Enterprise Portal could respect that information when content is published from ArcGIS Pro.