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Manually kick off recycle of services

08-31-2018 06:34 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

It would be nice to have a "restart" option rather than just stop and start on services. Sometimes one will hang and being able to take it down and bring it back up with one click would be useful. It would be best to have restart and recycle options so you could have a service that is being sluggish do a recycle which will wait until there is not usage to do the restart.

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Thank you for submitting this idea, Chris Mathers‌!

So that I have a full understanding of the issue here - you're looking for the ability to do something like hit a "Restart" button on the service, and it will do a Stop and Start operation.

You mentioned it should "wait until there is not usage to do the restart" - So, ideally the Restart functionality would wait until there were no active instances being run before completing the restart?

Furthermore, what issues are you running into now where this functionality would help? Any information about the services acting sluggish like you mentioned may be helpful, as there may also be other strategies that can help in the meantime while this request is being investigated.

Thank you,