Make report of hosted/serviced items/layers in ArcGIS for Portal

04-02-2017 11:56 PM
Status: Open
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In the Portal, as administrator, it would be good to have the possibility to create a pdf/text/html report of all services/items/maps/apps etc in a group or in the whole portal

The same goes for a running ArcGIS Server. Can report logs here but not just a summary list of hosted services etc..




Thank you for submitting this Idea, Andre. Besides seeing a list of the services in a group / across the portal or server, is there other information that you are also looking to find with these reports?


Hi Thomas and thanks for following up,

Other information could be date of Creation or last updated. If external source it would be valuable to see which domain supporting the service/information, and SRC used and tags and so on.


This is great, Andre, thank you for these other suggestions.

by Anonymous User

Hi André,

Thanks for submitting this suggestion. What would you be looking to do with the report? Is it more of a snapshot in time to see what services are active, for auditing, to do item management, or other reason?




Hi Hilary,

The aim is for me as administrator to get an insight on which services that exists (and who created/added them) and the source of them including some details like tags of SRC, last updated and last viewed. This to keep a continuous housekeeping of active, redundant or obsolete services. At the moment it’s a very cumbersome process to gather which has to made manually. As a first start, a snapshot in time will do, but more capabilities could also be added, like item management.

Best regards